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Friday, October 31, 2008

Post 100: Allhallow's Eve, the best holiday ever...

Even if I'm absolutely unprepared for it. Again. Still. Did you know I used to write horrible rhyming poetry on Hallowe'en themes?

Yeah. And I'm not sharing a scrap of it, even if I could find it.

Instead, look at these from Golden Age Comic Book Stories: Weird Tales covers! And film posters including posters for some of my favorite films of all time, ever*!

(*Those would be the Val Lewton films.)


Zachary Miller said...

I plan on constructing a pentagram on my front lawn, slaughtering a goat in the middle, and resurrecting some dark, fallen god.

There will also be pizza.

Dicing with Dragons said...

I will make fun of you*COUGH* I mean, watch you from inside, with the pizza, where it is warm and not freezing.

You can freeze your ass off.

alaskanime said...

A Crappy Rhyming Halloween Poem
By R. Amos

It's All Hallow's Eve and all is dark,
Save for the light of the burn barrels In Screaming Drunk Park.
They shamble like zombies in the sanguine night,
Drinking their firewater under unholy moonlight.
This should be the time of witches and bats,
Instead, we have gang bangers grabbin' their 'gats.
Where has all the magic gone? And why?
How could we be so callous as to let that die?
A night of mystery and wonder, gone forever more...
Vanished in the madness of human-made gore.
We once revered our dead, on this cold night,
And aided them to the heavens in their final flight...
Now, we have candy, and costumes, and TV,
Commercialism as far as the eye can see.
Yet as long as one person in this new madness thinks
Of the time of Magic, long thought extinct,
Perhaps we can reclaim those days of yore,
And leave all this madness behind
Forever more.