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Friday, October 24, 2008

Lauren's Unicorn

Private commission, sketch done yesterday evening:

She seemed to like it so I'm taking it to the next level: enlarging it and inking it. The final version will have some color in it.

(I tried to combine pictures I've seen of cheetah turning nearly on a dime, something not-quite-approaching horses, and a full gallop. Not certain it works 100%, though... Oh, and I made the "horn" part of a samurai sword, complete with a tsuba on the beast's forehead. I just had to do something different with it.)

UPDATE: Here's a revised version, based on some much-needed feedback:


alaskanime said...
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alaskanime said...

She's quite lovely. I really think the samurai sword horn is a clever touch ;)

The nit I want to pick though, is the chest. There's something off about it...I want to say it's not barrel chested enough...I'll e-mail you my notations on it.

Other than that, she's gorgeous...:)

Brianne, You may call me Mistressyness said...

I'm gonna disagree with ms. Raven on this one, I love the lithe slimness. EXCELLENT work, your anatomy has really been improving, and the energy is fantastic. This is a real unicorn in the historical sense. Remember Unicorns were supposed to be the most vicious beastie in the forest. That's why only virgin maids could calm them enough for hunters to kill 'em.

Dicing with Dragons said...

"That's why only virgin maids could calm them enough for hunters to kill 'em."

Now that's just darn rude.

Anyway, I'm implementing many of Raven's changes anyhow, since they should be easy enough.

I'll post the inked version after it's inked...