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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Graphic Design: Logos: Midnight Sun Catnip

I don't normally show off my graphic design stuff, but this turned out rather well, and verges on illustration, so I'm allowing it:

And the sketch:

Done in Illustrator few months ago.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Pharoid vs. Acrolady

Both LTR size, pencil.

This can't be good... This Acrolady looks pretty badass right now. Normally, she looks fairly dainty, but it was this pose which suggested her expression:

LTR, pencil.

Standing on the Pharoid's timechamber suggests something has gone horribly awry for our seventies-haired hero. Or has it? She's on the hunt. Perhaps her prey has escaped.

At the very least, he'll need a new apartment, from the looks of it.

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Digital Paint Practice

Just a bunch of photoshop-sketches in color. Nothing impressive to look at since the goal was fast and furious over finished:

Call of Cthulhu:

By Request, Then: One of the Old Ones at the Mountains of Madness:

Octobery Halloween HP Lovecraft Things:

Why I didn't think of doing something like this until the week before Halloween (my favoritingest holiday), I'll never know. Perhaps it was the depression. Yes, that was it. Depression. Anyhow, here's some more fast fast work, which I believe puts me at 8 of 20 by year's end.

From the Shadow Over Innsmouth, I give you a Deep One with some high-sodium lighting:

Colour Out of Space, but man, iridesence is kind of hard:

It's not yet Halloween, so I'm open to suggestions as to what I could do next from HPL's stories.

More Practice Digital Paint: N'shal'ya-Uduuluuhuud:

This particular concept has existed since at least 1996.

Cloud Coverage

Clouds. I probably should put something in the foreground of these, given that they didn't turn out too badly. Maybe some P-38s, or F-14s.

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Thursday, October 12, 2006

ZOIDS: Battleships with Feet

At some point, there will be photographs. But for now, there are drawings from life.

LTR (8.5x11) paper, started today (19 Sep 2006). Unfinished same day.

Battleships with Feet 2:

Three days.

Pencil, LTR+. Started 25 September 2006, finished 28 September 2006.

Battleships with Feet 3:

Garius Zoid:

Original is missing the far arm. Pencil on LTR, done in one hour (single sitting).

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Monday, October 9, 2006


You can thank this fellow for this bit of work.

Here's Zachary Miller's original reconstruction:

And now me, digital paint with Photoshop and a WACOM tablet (note I moved the ear behind the quadrate):

Anyway, you can read a bit more about Arizonasaurus and its kith and kin here.

Reposted from the old journal 22 January 2008.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


In no way reflects this post. Just pure happenstance makes it appear that way.

LTR and pencil.

(Slightly off-topic, but the American Godzilla remake? Watching it is like watching Roland Emmerich defecate in your living room.)

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Friday, September 15, 2006


Submitted for your approval:

This may warrant a bit of explanation. Ankylosaurus is based on three partial skeletons, none of which reveal osteoderm patterning (hence the Gamera-like backing on my part), or evidence of spikes (in spite of the fanciful 1964 World's Fair life-sized restoration).

Not as happy as I originally was with the pose. I may rework that a bit.

The end result reminds me of the rust monster. This pleases me out of all proportion.

_Ankylosaurus muchbetterus_:

Now to ink it.

Anky Inky:

Final size: 8.5x14.

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Skymaster Nemo Sketch

Not actually actually a character. Just me destroying canon. Skymaster Hayate looks rather interesting as an Indian sikh (without any of the trappings or a proper sword, however; as I say, I destroy canon).

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Conceptual Design Work

These bits of business are for a long-term animation project.
(For 1:18 sets [2/3" scale], to inform CG background elements, serve as a basis for texture maps, and for actual model photography. Clicking will enlarge):

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Microlady and Acrolady

Both LTR/pencil, done 30 Aug 2007.

All on LTR paper, pencil, from 8 April through 11 April. There's more, but I have no time to scan and upload more than this at the moment.

Done at other times in the distant past:
Acrolady Dita:

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Monday, January 16, 2006

Not Dead or Gone Conceptual Art

Art for an (as yet) uncompleted project:

My model for the Devil in Not Dead or Gone is Walter Huston's portrayal of old Scratch in the film The Devil and Daniel Webster. So, naturally, I really need a balanced caricature that both represents and (hopefully) transcends him. As you can see, I'm not quite there yet. (As always, carmine red sanford colored pencils, drawn 7.5x11 sketchbook paper, on 23rd of December's eve, 2005.)

Anyway, it's Christmas eve, and I hope everyone reading this has a happy holiday. I'm... okay. I'm with my parents, my sister, and my nephew, and though I miss my brother (who is in Washington right now), it's better than a lot of years I can remember.

Don't drink the eggnog! Or maybe: yes, drink the eggnog!


Completed yesterday, carmine red sanford color pencil, 7.5"x11" sketchbook paper. I think I'm getting more Walter Huston into these images, though I'm still not comfortable I've made a Walter Huston achievement yet.

Still not there yet, but:

Drawn Friday, 6 January 2006, carmine red Sanford colored pencil, 8.5"x11" laser printer paper (kinda in the middle).

Completed 16 January 2006, carmine red sanford color pencil (converted to grayscale in Photoshop), 7.5"x11" sketchbook paper.

I just love the concept of pocket universes with counterintuitive spatial geometry, hence this depiction for Not Dead or Gone. (I just want to get this out. Old journal readers will have seen this image before, but that was a private entry only; if only as a reminder that I am still working on Ch.2--and possibly show why I'm still working on it.)

Finished 22 November 2005, RapidoGraph pens, 8.5"x11" paper; three hours' drawing, ten hours' inking.

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Thursday, January 5, 2006

_Cryolophosaurus ellioti_ Skull

Behold, the skull of Elliot's cold crested reptile:

Drawn 2 July 2005, 7.5"x11" sketchbook paper from a specimen which was roughly 60 cm (24 inches) in length, so this is a fairly large animal. It is an Allosaurid, which means the manus would have had three digits (the larger Tyrannosaurids only got two). As you might gather from its name, this animal was found in Antarctica.

Another thing: just so we're all clear, that large opening just below and to the fore of the crest (the largest hole in the skull) is not the orbit (eyehole). That's the antorbital fenestra. The orbit is behind it, more directly underneath the crest:

(Labels: o. orbit, aof antorbital fenestra, n. nares.)

Incidentally, I also did a morph animation using Elastic Reality with a photo of this particular skull and the Edmontosaurus sp. to show off the bone correlations that skulls have.

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