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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

_Tyrannosaurus_ galorosmorgasboard...

The chief reason to draw Tyrannosaurs well is to show them being stomped all over by Pachyrhinosaurus.

But first, I must get to the point where I'm doing them well. Here's a smattering of the better ones I've done:

(16 Oct 2007)

(Interestingly, the above image was nicked by a local tabloid without asking for permission. I do give permission, but I also ask that one asks before snagging my stuff and running with it. And I do respond favorably to offers of money.)

Jacky Lantern:
No explanation needed, I hope.

(30 Oct 2007)

Just a random, unfinished sketch:

(9 Oct 2007)

Though this came out a bit weird, I kinda like it:

(Drawn with purplish ink and lots and lots of little lines, 10 Feb 2006.)

Huh. Looks a bit on the Brian Froud side of things to my mind.

*snap!* Chamberlain rex!

I've never seen a purple T. rex ... until I drew one in purple ink, no sketching, no pencil underneath, no white-out, no erasing, and no chance I could have started the damned animal somewhere on the page so I could fit the rest of it on the same page. (Purplish ink, 10 February 2006).

Astute viewers will note the feathers.

Yes, feathers on all the rexes! Why? Two words: phylogenetic bracketing.

Gif for you, because it was smaller than the JPEG, and better-looking.

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Great Cats

Drawn from the taxidermy mounts at the Alaska Museum of Natural History:

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Gavials Galore

A couple of gavial studies, for an upcoming show on the Archosauria:

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