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Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Graphic Design: Logos: Midnight Sun Catnip

I don't normally show off my graphic design stuff, but this turned out rather well, and verges on illustration, so I'm allowing it:

And the sketch:

Done in Illustrator few months ago.

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Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Pharoid vs. Acrolady

Both LTR size, pencil.

This can't be good... This Acrolady looks pretty badass right now. Normally, she looks fairly dainty, but it was this pose which suggested her expression:

LTR, pencil.

Standing on the Pharoid's timechamber suggests something has gone horribly awry for our seventies-haired hero. Or has it? She's on the hunt. Perhaps her prey has escaped.

At the very least, he'll need a new apartment, from the looks of it.

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Saturday, November 4, 2006

Digital Paint Practice

Just a bunch of photoshop-sketches in color. Nothing impressive to look at since the goal was fast and furious over finished:

Call of Cthulhu:

By Request, Then: One of the Old Ones at the Mountains of Madness:

Octobery Halloween HP Lovecraft Things:

Why I didn't think of doing something like this until the week before Halloween (my favoritingest holiday), I'll never know. Perhaps it was the depression. Yes, that was it. Depression. Anyhow, here's some more fast fast work, which I believe puts me at 8 of 20 by year's end.

From the Shadow Over Innsmouth, I give you a Deep One with some high-sodium lighting:

Colour Out of Space, but man, iridesence is kind of hard:

It's not yet Halloween, so I'm open to suggestions as to what I could do next from HPL's stories.

More Practice Digital Paint: N'shal'ya-Uduuluuhuud:

This particular concept has existed since at least 1996.

Cloud Coverage

Clouds. I probably should put something in the foreground of these, given that they didn't turn out too badly. Maybe some P-38s, or F-14s.

Relocated from the old blog 24 Janurary 2007