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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Goin' to the Land of Cleve...

I'm off for SVP and to visit friends I haven't seen in a millyon years. In spite of my intentionally awful spelling here, I intend to have a good time, or as good a time as is possible traveling to Texas before getting to Ohio on three planes can be.

See you next week! (Or earlier, if anyone reading this happens to be going to SVP!)

1 comment:

Brianne, You may call me Mistressyness said...

Welp Sirrah, Mayeth thy visit to the land of the lost, To Cleve land (may it never be cut asunder) give you great mirth.
Sorry, ren fair's over now. Righto. Um, Say hi to all the smart people for me. Bring me back a great picture of some animal, and learn lots. Oh, and have fun. Your Pal,