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Saturday, October 25, 2008

I hope this is the last time I have to use the words "Sarah Palin" in a sentence...

PZ Myers is making Sarah Palin look bad.

Actually, it's Sarah Palin that's making Sarah Palin look bad, PZ is simply pointing out why she has made herself look bad, and how she has chosen to make herself look to people who actually do the research she paradoxically despises and insists we need more of.

I very much doubt, from her comments, that she knows what she's talking about. People who are unfamiliar with both how research and how science works often are. Ideally, this should recuse them from talking. It's a pity Palin didn't do that.

Now, I wouldn't expect a politician to necessarily know how science and research works. I do expect them to surround themselves with people who, ostensibly, do, or at least know enough to not make nakedly obvious gaffes like this.

But if this is how her campaign is being conducted, I have every reason to expect this will probably carry over into a presidency.

I might have expected better from McCain, but he picked her as his running mate. I worry four more years of darkness will be SOP.

I generally stay out of politics on this blaugh. But this is just pathetic.

(Update: comments here as well.)


Brianne, You may call me Mistressyness said...

What do you expect from a woman who graduated from an ALASKAN HIGH SCHOOL with only a "c" average. We're talking about an ALASKAN education here. Only a little better than being taught about creationism in Georgia. Um she wants that here too, I forgot....

Dicing with Dragons said...

And I think the absolute wrong thing to do (ever) is disparage someone else's education.

After all, my high school education is directly comparable to hers (c-average and all).

What is valid is to point out when someone chooses to be loudly ignorant. There are some who earn multiple degrees, and yet remain completely in the dark about many things.

So long as they have the good sense to be quiet, all's well.

Where we're not well is when someone's ignorance is allowed to take priority over those who know better.

Julia said...

She also seems ignorant about just how much of a laughing stock she is. If you want some good Palin-bashing, can I recommend my next-door neighbour's blog, He's getting quite agitated with five days to go or whatever it is!