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Thursday, October 12, 2006

ZOIDS: Battleships with Feet

At some point, there will be photographs. But for now, there are drawings from life.

LTR (8.5x11) paper, started today (19 Sep 2006). Unfinished same day.

Battleships with Feet 2:

Three days.

Pencil, LTR+. Started 25 September 2006, finished 28 September 2006.

Battleships with Feet 3:

Garius Zoid:

Original is missing the far arm. Pencil on LTR, done in one hour (single sitting).

Reposted from the old journal 22 January 2008; date of the latest entry used.

1 comment:

VZ said...

Those drawings are crazy good. I've taken to drawing Zoids as well.