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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Pachyrhinosaurus: An Experiment

I did this in two days, and it is now available as a photo print directly from the artist (me) for $75 and shipping:
And I did this as an experiment. I've been trying to get faster at some of the turnaround on my work. Now, the subject is pretty familiar (one of my favorite subjects, in fact), I had a few models on hand already (I didn't really have to design from utter scratch), aimed for a less rendered style, preferring something more graphic, and I've even lots of experience with even the most painful aspect of the picture (the horsetails, of which I've painted godzillions at this stage).

But the idea that I can compose, choose a color palette, design, block and fill a drawing/painting in less than two days is now feasible to me. I still need to get faster, I feel, as well as better, but this is a solid start.

(Note: this isn't a promise that every project I undertake can be completed this quickly, merely a step in my education as I look towards altering my workflow and develop a production environment.)

1 comment:

Jonny DREDD said...

This is pretty solid man!
Especially for 2 days, keep it up!