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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not my birthday, just a joke, sorry I lied...

...but I thought it would get me treats. For the record, today is not my birthday, merely a day in which my car ceased to work on me and Alaskans forgot how to drive to such an extent that I spent over two hours getting into Anchorage this morning.

Which reminds me--Alaskans really need to get off their sorry collective asses in endorsing a commuter train between Anchorage and the Valley, instead of whining about how high gas prices are.


Zach said...

Gas prices are way too high. I would ride that train in a heartbeat, because the drive up to your neck of the woods is a white-knuckle affair on a weekend.

alaskanime said...

Tell me exactly what the mechanics said was wrong with your car. Is it just the starter, or is it other things as well?