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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Quack. Quack. Evil Ducks.

Chiropractor ducks:


alaskanime said...

Shocking, really...

It's strange, though...the chiropractor I have used in the past never struck me as a quack, nor did he try hawking anything to me or claiming that my back troubles was due to anything but past injuries - falling off horses, falling down stairs, rolling my 4 wheeler...he never even pressured me for a regimen of visits. Perhaps he was the exception?

Dicing with Dragons said...

I don't have any numbers for how many do this, but since chiropracty appears to be divided into a number of schools, I'll go ahead an suggest that you'd see a lot more of this from adherents of the less scientifically rigorous.

I'd say any chiropractor who functions as anything other than massage therapist for your spine has probably overstepped their abilities. Sounds like yours is a good one.