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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Corvid's Caw

And our triumvirate of four is now complete. For your convenience, I have added the Caw Box to it's rightful place in the Northern Lights box.

I shall continue to update my bloggy roll, but all nonlocal additions are going to have to wait. (Just a little longer.)


Blue Collar Scientist said...

It is an outrage - an OUTRAGE, I say - that there is a disclaimer page about The Caw Box potentially containing offensive material that you have to click through before you can get to the good stuff.

Hmmm, I guess I did see naked pterosaurs.

Other than that, this is cool - I'll add a link when I get a minute. You've sent an invitation to Science and Skepticism in Anchorage, right?

Dicing with Dragons said...

I agree. However, that does seem to be her choice. (Though I wonder if she expected it to manifest in this manner. Hopefully I only have to click past that baleful warning only once--gooogle ought to remember my preference in this matter...)

Oh yes: She does live and work in Wasilla, so that might put a crimp in visiting Anchorage, but I've been trying to get her out into Anchorage for one of the meetings...

Zach said...

Well, triumvrate (however you spell that) of THREE. Brian has since given up the Interweb, stopped updating his blog, and thus I have taken his off my roll. :-(

Dicing with Dragons said...

Nope; it remains a triumvirate of four, since myself, yourself, Brianself, and Ravenself are the four artists dong the Archosauria show.

How many can afford to be online at any given moment is a nonconsideration.

Zach said...

Oh, see, I thought you meant the blogs.

Blue Collar Scientist said...

Yeah, I saw her post about that. I had assumed the blocking page was there because some computer program had decided her blog was offensive, not because she had made the choice. I've posted a comment on her blog to that effect.

You know, we probably have enough people in/near the valley for SSA to do a Valley event now and again.