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Sunday, February 10, 2008

New Beginnings...

Yesterday I quit my job, leaving two weeks notice in spite of the fact that I start the new job at 8 am on Tuesday. Due to the night-shift the old job had me working, I felt I could juggle both jobs until the two-weeks' notice expired. I don't know if management agrees with me, but at this point, management's agreement with me on anything is purely moot.

So why did I quit? Was I tired of getting paid anything but what I was worth? (A note to self for the future: verify in advance whenever an advertisement claims a hired applicant will be paid dependent upon experience; in this case, it was a falsehood.) Partly. But the stress was most of the reason.

I've started having extended panic attacks since, oh, about August of last year. This was... making it difficult to function, much less be happy or pursue anything that would make me happy.

And I have better things to do than wander through life and not be happy.


Becca said...
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Dicing with Dragons said...

No spam, sorry. (If your comment is not spam, I'll need to know why.)

Zach said...

Well done, sir! Call me tomorrow and we'll head to lunch!