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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Shields and Spears: Art Show

So it's been more than a year since I last updated this space. The last time was for a show. And this time?
Poster/Flyer for our show!

A new show by Raven Amos, myself, and Zach Miller! (To be honest, I update often enough elsewhere, so it seems sort of redundant to come here every time. But here I am.)

And so the details: First Friday is on the 3rd of October 2014, and we'll be there. But the show runs throughout the month, and I'll update this space with a few more photos after the hanging. Shields and Spears: the Ceratopsid Dinosaurs at the Yak and Yeti Café location (next to Title Wave in midtown Anchorage, Alaska). Pieces will be available for sale for the duration, and some extra stuff will be available at our table during First Friday.

Well, we're still painting for the show as of this writing, so I must be brief so I can get back to my work. There's a Facebook page for those who do such things, or if you want to scan one of those code thingies with your phone or tablet, go ahead:

Hi. I link to a Facebook events page.
One more thing: there are still some free postcards available for the receiving, if you'd care to own a piece of mailed ephemera:
(Cf. for e-mail.)
Edit (19 September 2014): our show has been mentioned over at Symbiartic (a Scientific American blog). Check it out!

Edit (3 October 2014): our show now has a video promoting the event!

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Unknown said...

I would so love to go if I weren't so far far away!