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Friday, May 22, 2009

The more rigid the belief, the more inevitable the snap.


Interesting, compelling, and a side of the story I hadn't seen yet.

Belief may be a right, but God forbid beliefs should ever be tested, disparaged, challenged, or contradicted in a publicly-funded space. Where, I wonder, did the Farnans learn that the most appropriate response to such challenges is litigation, instead of discussion and confrontation? (And what, I wonder, have the creationists who plainted about "activist" judges in 2005 have to say about this decision?)

So then I see this.

So a few brief, open comments to creationists:

The Earth is not 6,000 years old. The Bible does not claim it is. Those who are familiar with the writings of James Ussher understand how the number was derived (relying on numerous sources separate from scripture), and must also recognize the inherent fallibility of such methods. He worked with the best information he had at the time, and had to fill the gaps in scripture from sources external to the Bible. Now we've moved on. More sources of information have come to light since then. So unless you accept the age of the universe being around 14 billion years, you really do believe in nonsense.

Believe whatever you want. But no amount of pretentious posturing, declarations of faith, litigation or lying will ever make such beliefs acceptable or true.

There is also no doubt that people who believe such things are arrogantly ignorant, like Don McLeroy here. Anyone less afflicted with hubris would be ashamed to say such things. Anyone less afflicted with hubris would probably also know better than to embarrass himself in front of God and an entire planet.


Zachary Miller said...

The Creationism movement is moving beyond biology and is now tackling astronomy? I just don't have the energy anymore!

Paleo King said...

Hah... I always knew that 4,000 year old crap was bunk. It's not even "scripture" - it's flat-out man-made innovation from the 1500s. In fact, the guy that invented it was a Roman monk who also claimed the universe was created during spring, on a Tuesday! (that would make the "day of rest" Monday instead of Sunday!!!!)

Of course if you believe that God really is all-powerful, then it follows that He should not HAVE to rest, period.

alaskanime said...

What does evolution have to do with inanimate objects?