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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

As of Now, My Dad Has Been In Surgery for Four Hours...

...With another 2-4 to go. A bypass has been mentioned as a possibility, in addition to the valve replacement. If that turns out to be the case, there will be an extra two hours in surgery for that.

[UPDATE: He's out and doing fine now. It's all recovery from here.]


I did vote today. I voted against Stevens and the corruption which seems to have embraced our representatives. Perhaps their replacements, if elected, will heed these words: you work for us, and nobody else. You forget that at your peril. I do have a question for anyone who voted for Stevens, in spite of his guilt: do you really think that he was going to last forever anyway? It takes someone awfully committed to a culture of decadence to willingly vote for a convict in the vain hope of preserving the pork Alaska has typically gotten. Perhaps its time Alaska learned to do without him. As in sooner, rather than later.

McCain-Palin: I voted against the both of you, because neither of you are suitable to run one of the greatest nations on earth. Both of your anti-science attitudes were a large part of my decision, and Palin's appalling ignorance and stupidity has made the rest of us Alaskans look bad to the rest of the nation. I've read too many conservative commentators that appear to have swallowed the hook that Palin would be useful to McCain, and found only an incredible capacity for self-delusion. And to the both of you: your comments regarding the opposition towards the end were out of line. McCain, I respected you once. You lost it. (Palin I never really liked or voted for, so she can't really lose what she never had.)

Some lessons here for everbody:

Conservatives in general: if you don't start returning to your roots (and get off the creationism kick already; it just looks sad using a bunch of rubes just for personal political gain), you will become increasingly irrelevant.

Liberals: please, stop whining already. (And stop opposing nuclear power and handguns. If you're serious about handguns, prove it and pass a constitutional amendment dealing with it; otherwise, stop wasting your time, let it go, and pick your battles.)

And Libertarians: you're already irrelevant. Keep up the good work.


Zachary Miller said...

Agreed on all fronts. I like the people who say "If Obama is elected, he'll ban aussault weapons again." OH NO! Your precious AK-47 will be taken away. Why do you need an AK-47?

Dicing with Dragons said...

Why indeed?

Julia said...

Good for you - I'm glad to see so many of my American friends getting out there and voting.

I wish your father all the best - heart bypass is one of the few surgical procedures I've actually watched live, and all I can say is that cardiovascular surgeons are truly brilliant.

Moro Rogers said...

Being irrelevant is kind of liberating.^^

Dicing with Dragons said...

"Being irrelevant is kind of liberating.^^"

Pfft. Libertarians.

alaskanime said...

Bullshit. Biden wouldn't stand for any kind of gun control. He said himself, "I won't let Obama take my Baretta away".

Don't knock the AK-47. If shit seriously hits the fan (not saying that it WILL, just saying), I want to be damn sure whatever I'm killing is as full of as many bullets I can pump into it. Granted, _I_ would be using my SKS. Much more reliable.

Dicing with Dragons said...

"Don't knock the AK-47. If shit seriously hits the fan (not saying that it WILL, just saying), I want to be damn sure whatever I'm killing is as full of as many bullets I can pump into it. Granted, _I_ would be using my SKS. Much more reliable."

I don't think there's much chance a few people armed with automatic weapons really have

The "Shit hits the fan" scenario has always been extremely unlikely scare talk.

Finally, no one here is saying Obama would take people's guns away. (I argued with some folk in person that were afraid Begich might, at least until I pointed out that Begich was a lifelong member of the NRA.

That, at least, seemed to shut them up.)

And I don't really care where people stand on gun control, but its obvious that some control must be exercised.

15-day waiting periods sound great to me. And nobody, but nobody "needs" an Uzi. If someone needs an Uzi that badly, then they can join the military and at least get some professional training.

Most average Americans can't seem to use their turn signals. Why should anyone believe they can handle a large weapon designed for killing large numbers of people, especially without any kind of rigorous training?

I won't say Jim's example (that I linked to) was typical, but I don't think that matters. It demonstrates that, obviously, some control is necessary.

Moro Rogers said...

I'm glad your dad's operation went ok.^^ (I should have said something about that first, instead of making a smartass comment about being a libertarian.)

Dicing with Dragons said...

Thanks! And it's okay.

(For what it's worth, I also don't really have a problem with little-l libertarians, so much as the party, which is made of silly.)

Moro Rogers said...

Heh, that's true...I'm not sure why a genuine, nice libertarian would run for office anyway.=p

alaskanime said...

Agreed on all counts. The uzi is a horrible weapon anyway. Very inaccurate.

Yes, some kind of waiting period would be nice. Or, a yearly aptitude test, which should include maintenance (cleaning and the like).

But, I also think we should have more of this.