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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Would You Like to Take a _Survay_?

Open question (which participants in the upcoming art show of doom the Archosauria are exempt from answering):

Who wants she-tirts?

See, it occurs to me that maybe this design have some sort of monetary value, and, since I and one other artist would like to go to SVP, it occurs to me that enough demand might be generated to sell enough shirts to go to an event which is otherwise likely out of my financial reach.

Getting an idea of how many people want shirts will help determine the price. The more people that want them, the lower the price. The lower the price, maybe enough people will want them to help propel us to SVP.

So, if you're interested, leave a shirt size and how many and what color and anything else you can think of!


Blue Collar Scientist said...

I would like a t-shirt please.

You might also consider making t-shirts from some of the show's art. Then you could ding me for two, three, five, or ten t-shirts....

Zach said...

Scott, your blog picture is exceedingly hideous. It must be swapped out for something less horrifying!
Keep in mind that we'll have to make a profit off the T-shirts in order to make any sort of dent in our travel plans.

Dicing with Dragons said...

The problem with offering shirts based on raster images like paintings is that will require going to a different source, which probably means they'll need to be done out of state.

Which, perhaps, bears looking into.

Dicing with Dragons said...

And @Zach: what? You want I should lie to everyone?