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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Public Sightings!

An excellent chance to see a Blue Collared Scientist in one of his natural habitats (public speaking) will occur this Thursday 13 March 2007. Mark your calendars (or scribble in your PDAs, push buttons on your Blueberries, mark on your iPhones with a grease marker or whatever)! I intend being there, because the topic is of immediate interest to me (distant planets!).

There will be a great and lovely gathering of fans of science, skepticists, and probably a vast mass imbibing of caffeine.


Zach said...

ARGH! Of course my wife's birthday is the same day I could meet the Blue Collar Scientist.

Discuss with him, sir, what to expect at Kaladi next week. And I had Gina send you directions because I know not the street names as to the location of the Campbell Creek Science Center.

Blue Collar Scientist said...

Thanks for helping with the promotion! I appreciate it, and look forward to meeting you there. If you're needing to kill time between getting out of work and coming to the talk, let me know.

I've got a post up about our science meetup, and I'll have some printed invitations at the talk. Note the change in venue - Barnes and Noble instead.