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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Solo Show: the Dinosauria in Eight Parts

The Archosauria will reflect the format of my previous show. To wit:

March–April 2007

Tarbosaurus bataar: an Alarming Reptile Hero

Tarbosaurus at Vagabond Blues, 2007

Seen here in it's natural habitat, this has been one of the more popular images up, much to my (rather slight) vexation. The Microraptor was way more work.

First piece up is Tarbosaurus bataar (alarming reptile-hero). As you might guess from it's species name, it's found in Mongolia.

Here's a PDF of the infosheet printed out beneath it. I am offering prints of this critter, both in the letter-size and the 18x24 inch size pictured above (with foamcore mount and shrinkwrapping it's $70.00)--the larger print excludes all the text in the letter-sized print.

Haliaeetus leucocephalus and the Avian Connection

Haliaeetus leucocephalus: the American Bald Eagle.

Here's the PDF of the infosheet beneath it.).

Psittacosaurus mongoliensis

Psittacosaurus mongoliensis.

Here's the PDF of the infosheet beneath it.

Tyrannosaurus rex

Tyrannosaurus rex.

Here's the PDF of the infosheet beneath it.

Elliot's Cold-Crested Reptile

Cryolophosaurus ellioti.

Here's the PDF of the infosheet beneath it.

Ankylosaurus: He's the Biggest One

The Ankylosaurus is a big one.

As you can see, this is a pretty big piece. Roughly three feet high by eight feet long, it's the largest piece in the room (allowing it to be mounted on three pieces of foamcore was a cost consideration: it would have been too cost prohibitive for me to mount it as a single piece, and would have posed problems in transportation).

Here's the PDF of the infosheet beside it.

Edmontosaurus: Pretty Boring, All Told

Edmontosaurus sp.

Two drawings from life, of the same skull, different angles (section and elevation). Not much to say about Edmontosaurus. Like it's genus name, Edmontosaurus is a pretty boring vegetarian. While I'm not opposed to naming dinosaurs after the regions wherein they were found, I think exciting finds should be given exciting names. Not this one though. Edmontosaurus is as unexciting an animal as it gets.

So why did I draw it twice? What a good question! I shan't answer it, however, as I prefer to savor the mystery.

Here's the PDF of the infosheet beside them.

Edmontosaurus sp. again.

A Bi-Wing Foamcore and Gatorboard Flyer

Microraptor gui

Every exhibit needs a big piece to close on, something designed to impress. The Microraptor, for me, is that piece. At 1.84:1 scale, it clocks in with a five-foot wingspan.

PDFs of the infosheets: first, second, and last.

This is an unique piece that was very hard to make, and, since I really really need a car, it's $3000. (Composed of foamcore, gatorboard, and laminated 36# bond applied with ATG tape, hung with beading wire for support, available for pickup after the show is over 13 April 2007.)

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Zach said...

Don't have the money, folks? I tell ya, some of these pieces are wonderful. The tyrannosaurus life restoration is incredible, and that Microraptor is a sight unto itself.

Now, if ya'll are strapped for cash (as I often am), Scott happily acccepts Hornetroids and Micronaughts in place of greenbacks. :-)

Dicing with Dragons said...

Dear people with money, don't listen to Zach, he's mad.

Greenbacks (as in money) will be quite quite satisfactory!

(Although there is some O-scale stuff I could get into--but no. I needs the money first...)